Top Problems Businesses Face and their Solutions #3: Employees

Employees are one of the major concerns in any kind of business. Some are lucky enough to hire hardworking and committed employees. Others are faced with motivational and personal challenges along the way. Small businesses employ roughly 40% of Australia’s workforce. Therefore, they will benefit more from better employment management.


Trading started since humans learned how to communicate. We bartered goods and services at first. Afterwards, we used currencies for purchase. Cost is determined mostly by factors such as material, manpower, and equipment. And for every manpower hours offered, there’s a certain price. What happens then if business owners fail to satisfy its employees with their offered price?

One way to avoid low wage issues is to ensure a detailed employer-employee contract. The salary is reflected clearly in this legal document. Benefits and career advancement information are also included. These are important in determining limitations and expectations, thus avoiding speculations and complications later on.


A smart business owner hires skilled people. A wise business owner hires people who are willing to learn and master any skill they can get their hands on. The latter may pose a threat to business owners if such employees break trust and run out of the company. However, the style of effective business management has shifted greatly in this century. That’s why investing in skills and management training proves to be more beneficial in the long run. It may take lots of planning and personal evaluation, but making it work would create a great impact on the company’s growth.


Once business owners choose to invest on their employee’s career growth, they will also need to ensure motivation is pulled up on the same level or higher. What motivates employees best? How much and how often should you incorporate inspirational talks and activities? How will you find that balance between work and fun? It will not take a psychologist to find out, but definitely an in-depth study of employee personalities can help in creating that ideal workplace environment.

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